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1 To gain access to cable networks at the dormitory you must perform the following steps:
3 **~1. Setting ** [[wifi password>>uzivatel.hesla.wifi-heslo.WebHome]]
6 **2. Setting properties of TCP / IP protocol**
8 * To assign an IP address from a DHCP server you must have an Ethernet adapter with the following settings:
9 ** [[For protocol** TCP/IPv4** and **IP version 6** you must have selected **Obtain an IP address from a DHCP server** and **Obtain DNS server address automatically.**>>tuonet.sit-nastaveni.tcp-ip.tcp-ip-macosx.WebHome]]
11 * Note .: if you have the IP address set manually (eg. from home), IP address will not release from a DHCP server and the device won't connect to a network.
14 **4. Network settings:**
16 1. Connect to a computer cable leading from the wall socket. In later versions of Mac OS X is then itself offers a login window. Account Name enter in the form **** (eg. In the password box insert your university wifi password. If the login window does not displayed, proceed to the next point.
17 \\[[[[image:1en.png]]>>attach:1en.png]]
19 1. Click on the icon indicating access to the Internet and select **Open Network Preferences.**
20 \\[[[[image:2en.png]]>>attach:2en.png]]
22 1. Select **Ethernet **adapter, then **Advanced...** Then confirm all the steps that the system will require.
23 \\[[[[image:3en.png]]>>attach:3en.png]]
25 1. Previous confirmed steps need to be confirmed with the **administrator password** for your computer, clicking **Update settings.**
26 \\[[[[image:4en.png]]>>attach:4en.png]]
28 1. Now login window will appear. Account Name enter in the form **** (eg. In the password box insert your university [[**wifi password**>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.wifi-heslo.WebHome]].
29 \\[[[[image:1en.png]]>>attach:1en.png]]
31 1. Now would be a functional connection (Status: Connected). The preferences Ethernet adapter (the screen in step 3) You can check the identity has been successfully verified.
32 \\[[[[image:5en.png]]>>attach:5en.png]]
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