Configuring the connection for Mac OS X at the dormitory

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To gain access to cable networks at the dormitory you must perform the following steps:

1. Setting  wifi password

2. Setting properties of TCP / IP protocol

  • Note .: if you have the IP address set manually (eg. from home), IP address will not release from a DHCP server and the device won't connect to a network.

4. Network settings:

  1. Connect to a computer cable leading from the wall socket. In later versions of Mac OS X is then itself offers a login window. Account Name enter in the form (eg. Abc123). In the password box insert your university wifi password. If the login window does not displayed, proceed to the next point.

  2. Click on the icon indicating access to the Internet and select Open Network Preferences.

  3. Select Ethernet adapter, then Advanced... Then confirm all the steps that the system will require.

  4. Previous confirmed steps need to be confirmed with the administrator password for your computer, clicking Update settings.

  5. Now login window will appear. Account Name enter in the form  (např. abc123). In the password box insert your university wifi password.

  6. Now would be a functional connection (Status: Connected). The preferences Ethernet adapter (the screen in step 3) You can check the identity has been successfully verified.

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