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1 For access to SSO, university computer network and all others information systems, [[ which are included in the unified password>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.idm-usage.WebHome]], you need a personal number and password.
3 **The username** of the student / employee is assigned to you when enrolling to study / conclude an employment relationship.
6 == Changing the password ==
8 Once you set a password, it will remain valid for 1 year or until you change it again.
10 === **1. I know my current password** ===
12 If you want to change your current password and remember it, do so on the password change form [[Initial password setup>>url:]].
15 === **2. I forgot my password** ===
17 Users who have not yet set a password or have forgotten their password can set a new password by [[generating a verified code>>url:]].
18 The prerequisite is a filled-in telephone number in [[personal info.>>url:]].
20 **Change procedure:**
22 * Fill in your login name (e.g. abc1234). Check the "I'm not a robot" box and click "Generate the verification code". Then you will receive an SMS with a verification code, which you write in the form for changing the password. Then fill in the field for the new password and click on "Set password".
24 **I did not receive the verification code**
26 a) You have the wrong phone number set in your profile (e.g. typo, change number) or not saved at all. If you are a (% style="color:#e74c3c" %)student(%%), contact your [[study department>>url:]] to request a telephone contact adjustment. If you are an (% style="color:#e74c3c" %)employee(%%), contact the [[Card Centre>>url:]] or your [[faculty administrator>>url:]] to set a password, and then update your contact information in your [[personal info>>url:]].
27 \\b) An SMS message cannot be sent to your phone number - we send SMS to EU mobile numbers. Other users must have a contact email listed in their [[personal info>>url:]] so that they can set a password. This only works if user is setting up their password for the first time.
30 == Reset password with card ==
32 If you forget your password, you can have it reset to a(% style="color:#e74c3c" %) temporary password(%%) after verifying your employee / student card.
33 After the reset, it is necessary to change the temporary password to your[[ own new password>>url:]] immediately
34 Personal presence at the password reset to check your identity is a necessary precaution to prevent misuse of this tool and unauthorized access to your account. Likewise, the password cannot be sent by e-mail.
36 **Workplaces that handles password reset by card:**
38 * Ostrava
39 ** At [[Card centre>>url:]] on the ground floor of the building A – office **A 148**, **A 149**, **Ostrava-Poruba**
40 ** At the lending department of the **[[Central Library>>url:]] **(**NK** building), **Ostrava-Poruba**.
41 ** At the branch of the Central Library at the **FBI** **Ostrava-Výškovice**, Lumírova Street.
42 ** At the branch of the Central Library at **EkF** **Ostrava 1**, Sokolská Street.
43 ** At the classroom [[PC pavilion>>url:]] (PCP) on VSB-TUO dormitories building **D** (on the ground floor behind the gatehouse), **Ostrava-Poruba**.
44 ** At **FAST** - Computer Technology Unit, L. Podéště 1875, **Ostrava-Poruba**, **A 207**, Pavlína Vrzalová.
46 * Detached workplace
47 ** At **HGF** in **Most**: Study Department, room **K 506**
49 In case of problems or other questions, you can contact the [[Helpdesk>>helpdesk.WebHome]].
52 == Helpful links ==
54 * [[Test your account/password via the web>>url:]]
55 * [[Account Details>>]]
56 * [[Reasons for the regular password change, basic knowledge of passwords>>]]
57 * [[Password change and follow-up changes>>]]