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1 For access to the academic computer network and also to all other information systems where the unified password is used (see [[here>>url:]]), you need:
3 **Login/ID** - Personal student's/employee's number (you will obtain this number when you become a student or employee).
5 **Password** - When your acount is created,you have to go to study department of your faculty where you obtain a default unified/LDAP/IDM/academic password.(People who are born in Czech Republic have set they default passwords as their PIN (Personal Identification Number) number. You have to change this password to some other [[here>>url:]] as soon as possible, otherwise the password will be blocked after few days.
7 * [[Test your account/password via the web>>url:]]
8 * [[Password change via web>>url:]]
9 * [[Reset Password via card>>uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.reset-hesla.WebHome]]
10 * [[Account Details>>]]
11 * [[Changing a password and follow-up changes>>]]
12 * [[Reasons for change password>>]]
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