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1 To gain access to cable networks at the dormitory you must perform the following steps:
3 **~1. Setting [[wifi password>>uzivatel.hesla.wifi-heslo.WebHome]]**
4 \\**2. Setting properties of TCP / IP protocol**
6 * To assign an IP address from a DHCP server you must have an Ethernet adapter with the following settings:
7 ** [[For protocol **TCP/IPv4** and **IP version 6** you must have selected **Obtain an IP address from a DHCP server** and **Obtain DNS server address automatically**.>>doc:tuonet.sit-nastaveni.tcp-ip.tcp-ip-win10.WebHome]]
9 * Note .: if you have the IP address set manually (eg. from home), IP address will not release from a DHCP server and the device won't connect to a network.
12 **3. Network settings:**
14 1. Right-click the **Start **icon and continue through the **Computer Managment.**
15 \\[[[[image:1en.png]]>>attach:1en.png]]
17 1. Select **Services And Applications.**
18 \\[[[[image:2en.png]]>>attach:2en.png]]
20 1. Select **Services.**
21 \\[[[[image:3en.png]]>>attach:3en.png]]
23 1. In the list of services, locate the service called **Wired AutoConfig Service**, click the right button and select **Start.** If it is already running, continue to the next point.
24 [[[[image:4en.png]]>>attach:4en.png]]
26 1. Again, right click and choose **Properties.**
27 \\[[[[image:5en.png]]>>attach:5en.png]]
29 1. On the **General** tab set Startup type: **Automatic** and click **OK.** Computer Management window with a list of services can be closed.
30 \\[[[[image:6en.png]]>>attach:6en.png]]
32 1. Now right click on the icon indicating access to the Internet and select **Open Network and Sharing Center.**
33 \\[[[[image:7en.png]]>>attach:7en.png]]
34 \\[[[[image:8en.png]]>>attach:8en.png]]
36 1. Continue through the **Change adapter settings.**
37 \\[[[[image:9en.png]]>>attach:9en.png]]
39 1. Right click on the **Ethernet **network connection and select **Properties.**
40 \\[[[[image:10en.png]]>>attach:10en.png]]
42 1. On the **Authentication** tab, check** Enable IEEE 802.1X authentication**, remember my** Credentials for this connection each time I´m logged on** and **Fallback to unauthorized network access**. Subsequently continue through the **Settings.**
43 \\[[[[image:11en.png]]>>attach:11en.png]]
45 1. Press the **Configure **button and make sure that the option **Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate** and **Automatically use my Windows logon name and password** ... is (% style="color:#cc0000" %)**UNCHECKED**(%%). Select **OK **and **OK **again.
46 \\[[[[image:12en.png]]>>attach:12en.png]]
48 1. Back on the **Authentication **tab and select **Additional Settings.**
49 \\[[[[image:13en.png]]>>attach:13en.png]]
51 1. Select the option for the **Specify authentication mode** → **User authentication**. Confirm **OK.**
52 \\[[[[image:14en.png]]>>attach:14en.png]]
54 1. Now you should be receive the login window, where fill the login in form (% style="color:#cc0000" %)****(%%) (eg. and your [[**wifi password**>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.wifi-heslo.WebHome]]. Confirm **OK. **(% style="color:#cc0000" %)Warning:(%%) it may happen that the login window is displayed in the background below the all active windows, so if you don´t see offers to log in, try to minimize all other open windows.(((
55 [[[[image:15en.png]]>>attach:15en.png]]
56 )))
57 1. Now the computer should be connected to the network tuonet successfully .
59 ~* In case of any problems with connection via cable network outside the dormitory, try to deselect "Allow authentication IEEE 802.1X" in section 10 of this manual.
62 (% style="color:#cc0000" %)** LIMITATIONS**(%%) (as long as the device is connected to a network, the steps outlined above):
64 * You can not use Hyper V virtual switch in the system,
65 * Unable to connect to the system remote desktop via protocol RDP.
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