Configuring the connection for Windows 10 at the dormitory

Last modified by Denisa Wernerová on 03.08.2023 12:57

To gain access to cable networks at the dormitory you must perform the following steps:

1. Setting wifi password

2. Setting properties of TCP / IP protocol

  • Note .: if you have the IP address set manually (eg. from home), IP address will not release from a DHCP server and the device won't connect to a network.

3. Network settings:

  1. Right-click the Start icon and continue through the Computer Managment.

  2. Select Services And Applications.

  3. Select Services.

  4. In the list of services, locate the service called Wired AutoConfig Service, click the right button and select Start. If it is already running, continue to the next point.
  5. Again, right click and choose Properties.

  6. On the General tab set Startup type: Automatic and click OK. Computer Management window with a list of services can be closed.

  7. Now right click on the icon indicating access to the Internet and select Open Network and Sharing Center.


  8. Continue through the Change adapter settings.

  9. Right click on the Ethernet network connection and select Properties.

  10. On the Authentication tab, check Enable IEEE 802.1X authentication, remember my Credentials for this connection each time I´m logged on and Fallback to unauthorized network access. Subsequently continue through the Settings.

  11. Press the Configure button and make sure that the option Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate and Automatically use my Windows logon name and password ... is UNCHECKED. Select OK and OK again.

  12. Back on the Authentication tab and select Additional Settings.

  13. Select the option for the Specify authentication modeUser authentication. Confirm OK.

  14. Now you should be receive the login window, where fill the login in form (eg. and your wifi password. Confirm OK. Warning: it may happen that the login window is displayed in the background below the all active windows, so if you don´t see offers to log in, try to minimize all other open windows.


  15. Now the computer should be connected to the network tuonet successfully .

* In case of any problems with connection via cable network outside the dormitory, try to deselect "Allow authentication IEEE 802.1X" in section 10 of this manual.

    LIMITATIONS (as long as the device is connected to a network, the steps outlined above):

  • You can not use Hyper V virtual switch in the system,
  • Unable to connect to the system remote desktop via protocol RDP.