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1 For security reason it is necessar to keep the computer updated. Updates manage important security errors of the operating system. Firewall prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to the computer via network or the Internet.
3 * [[Manual install of updates MS Windows 11>>pc.bezpecnost.aktualizace.win10-update.WebHome]]
4 * [[Setting firewall in MS Windows 11>>pc.bezpecnost.aktualizace.win10-firewall.WebHome]]
6 * [[Manual install of updates MS Windows 10>>pc.bezpecnost.aktualizace.win10-update.WebHome]]
7 * [[Setting automatic updates MS Windows 10>>pc.bezpecnost.aktualizace.win10-automat.WebHome]]
8 * [[Setting firewall in MS Windows 10>>pc.bezpecnost.aktualizace.win10-firewall.WebHome]]