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1 With the change of a single password then change of password is needed wherever you use it for work with mail, etc.
3 Amendment applies only to systems using a single password see [[Where is the password?>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.idm-usage.WebHome]] (It does not apply to Citrix Metaframe - services 9530 and 9525).
6 [[Information about password, reset password>>uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]]
7 **~ **
9 **Follow-up changes:**
11 * **Microsoft Outlook** - for POP3/IMAP and Microsoft Exchange - while loading mail the initiated dialog for entering a username and password will pop up with check box for save a new password (Remember password).
12 ** Alternatively for POP3/IMAP, you can also proceed through the **Tools menu → E-mail Accounts.. → View or change existing e-mail accounts → Change button in your account → Login information section → Password**.
14 * **Mozilla Thunderbird** advertises warning such as " For example, Pass has been successfully implemented..." and you will be asked for a password with a possible option to save your password to Password Manager.
15 ** Alternatively, you can also proceed through the **Tools menu → Options → Privacy tab → Saved passwords → button Show passwords → select your account and click Remove →** after the finishing the dialogue and trying to load mail a dialogue will be called with the call for entering the password.
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