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1 * [[How to LDAP password - recovery>>||anchor="postup"]]
2 * [[How to WiFi password>>||anchor="wifi"]]
3 * [[I don't know my login and password>>||anchor="log"]]
4 * [[Will I have access into university systems after I finish my degree examinations?>>||anchor="szz"]]
5 * [[How to obtain password?>>||anchor="hesl"]]
6 * [[I can not come to school to reset my password>>||anchor="zabl"]]
7 * [[I can not change my password, error saying disallowed characters>>||anchor="zm"]]
8 * [[Login to accommodation system>>||anchor="ubyt"]]
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13 **How to LDPA password - recovery.**
15 1. **Check** if your password/account is really blocked. You can do so [[here>>url:]].
16 1. Password can be set to default value using **your student card** at card centre or on few other places. You can find more information [[here>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]].
17 1. You can also come to [[administrator of your department/faculty>>url:]], who can reset your password after verification of your identity similarly as the card centre.
18 1. After your password is set to default value, you must as soon as possible change it. You can do so [[here>>url:]].
19 1. ** **More information about [[password usage>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.idm-usage.WebHome]].
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24 **How to WiFi password?**
26 To log into the Wifi network to use a different password than what you are logging in Edison, email etc.
27 You can set your WiFi password [[here>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.wifi-heslo.WebHome]].
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33 **I don't know my login and password.**
35 If you want to log in one of systems using unified password ([[LDAP password>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]]), please enter into Login your [[personal number>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]].
36 Your personal number is written on your student card. You can also ask for your personal number at your study department or [[card centre>>url:]].
37 **~ **More information about [[password usage>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.idm-usage.WebHome]].
38 You can check if your password/account is blocked [[here>>url:]].
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43 **Will I have access into university system after I finish my degree examinations?**
44 Yes. After you finish your degree examinations will be your relation with university changed from "Student" into "Absolvent" and you will have access for next six months with some limitations.
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49 **How to obtain password?**
50 We have no way to find out your unified password (LDAP password).
51 Reset your password: [[password - recovery>>||anchor="postup"]].
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56 **I can not** come to school to reset my password.
57 It's required to be present in person to reset your password. Proving your identity is necessary preventive measure, which prevent misuse of this tool and unauthorized access to your account.
58 Follow instructions: [[password - recovery>>||anchor="postup"]].
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63 **I can not change my password, error saying disallowed characters.**
64 Do not use letters with accents or the gap. If you can not log in system, follow these instructions: [[password - recovery>>||anchor="postup"]].
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69 **Login to accommodation system**
70 If you are unable to login to the system of accommodation, please contact the accommodation department ([[>>url:]] or [[>>]]) or administrator AT-koleje system, Mr. [[Petr Manych>>url:]].
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