How to recognize "wire" and wireless connection

Last modified by Denisa Wernerová on 03.08.2023 12:57

Common mistake with notebooks is confusion of ethernet network adapter with wireless interface wifi. E.g. Users erroneously enter wireless interface MAC address during entering MAC address of network device (network card) to register PC and that's why connection via ethernet adapter (cable to socket) doesn't work even if they think that they did everything precisely according to the instrucions.

  • Check what MAC address are you entering.
  • Don't set IP adress manually on the network adapter nor the WIFI interface - the address is allocated dynamically so the network connection wouldn't work.
  • Pay attention to network managers installed with network adapter drivers. Some managers take control of Windows so you would be searching controls or information about adapter/network in control panels in vane. Sometimes, you can't set connection to wireless network with managers on so try to turn starting the managers after PC start off (in the managers settings) and reboot the computer.


  1. Open Network and Sharing Center: Press WinKey+I and in shown strip Settings continue through (Control Panel) → Network and Internet → Network and sharing Center.  

    Continue by link Change adapter settings.


  2. You can see your network adapters in the dialog Network connections. Contiue with right mouse button and choose properties or doubleclick on the chosen adapter to open the dialog Connection to local/wireless network - state.

  3. You can recognize a wireless connection by the title of dialog in the propertiers of the adapter. You can also check the name of the adapter and compare it with the documentation of your computer.

  4. When you doubleclick on the chosen WiFi adapter in the dialog Network connections:

    a) If you are not connected to WiFi network, then available networks dialog appear.


    b)  If you are connected to WiFi network, then you can find current state of adapter in the dialog Wireless connection to the network - state.
     Also you can find your WiFi MAC address by clicking the button Details..


    c)  If you are connected to the Ethernet port of your network card (wire connection) you can find its current state in the displayed dialog where e.g. the icon of the computer with Ethernet cable can be helpful in detecting.
     Also you can find your Ethernet MAC address by clicking the button Details..