Wireless network - WIFI at VSB-TUO

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Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava provides on-campus wireless connectivity for its employees and students. Users can access following networks (SSID):

EDUROAM - preferred connection

If you travel often among universities, it may be useful to setup eduroam. This network also allows visitors from other academic institutions to connect to the Internet.

Enter the username syntax login@vsb.cz, eg. abc123@vsb.cz, as is indicated in the instructions. This username syntax is strictly required. User of VŠB-TUO must set up a wifi password.

Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (trial run):

  • delete the previous profile eduroam network from your system if you have any,
  • you can use direct link for download assistant tool or
    • on the page https://cat.eduroam.org/ choose "download your eduroam installer",
    • choose organization VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava,
    • choose installator for required operating system,
  • after running installator enter your VŠB login, syntax login@vsb.cz
  • and enter your wifi password

Eduroam CAT system is designed as a platform for the cooperation of entities involved in the project eduroam and is not developed or managed by the Technical University of Ostrava. Eduroam CAT installer changes the security settings on your device, you should always make sure that it comes from a trusted source. Therefore, the eduroam CAT installer is undersigned by organization TERENA. Pay attention to the system messages that confirm this fact.



The network designed for terminal equipment, which do not support any authentication and encryption mechanisms, or. are technical problems with them.
Why is not safe to use a network tuonet-simple can be found here.


The network is intended for users with created account with limited validity, so called "guest access". Individual visitors of VŠB-TUO or users at various events such as conferences, etc. can join this network.

How to apply for service setup

Temporary access is requested by VŠB-TUO employees through the IT Helpdesk or the faculty administrators can also be contacted. The established approaches are limited in time and intended only for the performance of activities related to work, research or teaching purposes.

The application shall specify:

  • guest identity (name, surname, email address)
  • from when and until when the guest account is to be set up
  • the purpose for which access is established

Service parameters
Users of this network are connected outside the VŠB-TUO network, they only have access to the Internet. Access is set up only for users who do not have standard access to WiFi network VŠB-TUO (eduroam, ...) for a maximum of 14 days. Once set up, your account is active within one minute.

Access instructions including login details are then sent to the guest's email address and eventually the access guarantee (VŠB employee).

Authentication to the tuonet-guest network is done by automatically redirecting the web browser page to the authentication form (as with tuonet-simple).

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