EDUROAM On Windows 11

Last modified by Martin Výlet on 03.08.2023 12:57

You have to carry out following steps to gain access to the eduroam network:

1. Prerequisites and Warnings:

  • Wi-Fi card is installed in your computer. The card meets technical requirements, i.e. EAP-PEAP authentication and WPA2. 
  • Its configuration was made with Windows standard tools, not with tools provided by card manufacturer.
  • Check that you are in the EDUROAM wireless network range.
  • Always turn off your computer. Don't put it asleep (hibernate), wireless network won't wake up later!

2. WiFi password

  • If is your university involved in international project eduroam (Education Roaming) then it is possible to connect to the eduroam with use the same login as in your home institution and in other universities (also involved in the project eduroam).
  • Another possibility to use services of EDUROAM wireless network is set up wifi password.

3. TCP/IP Properties Setup:

To gain IP address from DHCP server you have to setting up your wireless adapter like on this link:

(Note: You are not able to access to the network if your IP will be set manually.)

4. Wireless Network Setup

  1. Click on Find and continue through Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center and reference Set up a new connection or network.


  2. Choose Manually connect to a wireless network.
    For Network Name (SSID) type eduroam (small letters)
    For Security Type choose following options:
    • WPA2-Enterprise with AES (the strongest security, HW and SW support is necessary).
    • Click on Start this connection automatically.
      After network add go to Change connection settings.

  3. On Connection card check: Connect automatically when this network is in range.
    On Security card, set up another configuration:

    Choose Security Type WPA2-business and Encryption Type AES. (On older computers without the possibility WPA2-business + AES can configure WPA-business + TKIP.)
    For network authentication method choose Protokol PEAP (protected EAP) and then click on Settings.
    • Check Verify the server's identity by validating the certifikate.
    • Check Connect to these servers and type;;
    • Check certificate DigiCert Assured ID Root CA.
    • Check Don't ask user...
    • Select Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) in Select Authentication Method listbox.
    • Proceed by clicking the button Configure.
    • Uncheck the option Automatically use my Windows logon name and password.
    • Continue by button Advanced settings.

  4. At card 802.1X protocol settings check Specify authentication mode and choose User or computer authentication.
    At card 802.11 protocol settings  check Enable PMK key saving...
    Click OK.

  5. Press Network icon bottom right near the clock and from shown list choose eduroam and connect.
    If this is your first time connection or your password has changed, note the dialog for entering the credentials.
    Use the same login as in your home institution.
    Another possibility to use services of EDUROAM wireless network is set up wifi password.

    The user name must be entered in form login@domain (e.g.
    Where "login" is your VSB-TUO login name.
    And "domain" is .
    Also type in the wifi password (WiFi password is not identical with a single LDAP password!)
    Leave Logon domain blank.