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1 This client allows connection to the VPN concentrator using a standard web browser. It require a browser with enabled Java or ActiveX. The advantage of this client is that it better communicates from the network behind the firewall (for professionals: uses SSL/TLS instead of IPSec). It also supports 64-bit versions of Windows.
3 **Installation process:**
6 1. View this page in your browser:** [[https:~~/~~/>>url:]]**
7 \\Enter your personal identification number (eg nov20) in **JMENO** box and a [[Unified password>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]] in **HESLO** box.
8 In the **SKUPINA** box, type "**vsb**". For advanced users, there are [[other options>>doc:tuonet.vpn.vpn-skupiny.WebHome]].
9 \\[[~[~[image:020.png~]~]>>attach:020.png||rel="__blank"]]
11 1. Wait for the SSL VPN client is downloaded to your computer and installed (confirm the installation of necessary). Then a VPN connection is established.
12 The connection will be indicated by icon [[image:ico.bmp]], which is usually in the lower right corner. The browser window can be closed now.
13 \\[[~[~[image:030.png~]~]>>attach:030.png||rel="__blank"]]
15 1. If the installation from the browser fails (eg MS Edge, Firefox - missing add-ons needed for installation), download the application using the **AnyConnect VPN link**. Then run and install the program.
16 \\[[~[~[image:040.png~]~]>>attach:040.png]]
18 1. After work, you must close the VPN connection by double-clicking the icon with ico pulley [[image:ico.bmp]], which is usually in the lower right corner of the screen, click **Disconnect**.
19 \\[[~[~[image:050.png~]~]>>attach:050.png||rel="__blank"]]
21 1. To end the VPN connection you can also use the **Disconnect **button on the Connection tab.
22 \\[[~[~[image:059.png~]~]>>attach:059.png||rel="__blank"]]
24 1. When you first start the AnyConnect VPN client from a browser, client remains installed on your computer for future use. Its next start is possible not only the previously described procedure from the browser, but also from the **Start menu**// → //**Programs**// → //**Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client**.
25 \\[[~[~[image:070.png~]~]>>attach:070.png||rel="__blank"]]
27 1. For a more detailed description of using AnyConnect client, see the [[documentation>>url:]].
29 1. If you are using NOD32 antivirus and you have a problem with running a VPN client, try using [[this procedure>>url:]].