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1 1. **Check your Ethernet adapter settings according to [[instructions>>doc:tuonet.pripojeni-pevne.studenti.pripojeni-koleje.WebHome]].
2 **
3 1. **Verify the accuracy of entering credentials:**
4 1*. Username: (% style="color:#cc0000" %)****(%%) (eg.
5 1*. Password: [[**wifi password**>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.wifi-heslo.WebHome]]. You can check it on page** **[[****>>url:]] > **Change WiFi Password**.
6 \\//**Users of other universities or institutions:**//
7 //As with WiFi - if eduroam works at your home institution, it works for you at VSB. //
8 //Set wired network profile as like eduroam in your home institution (user, password, RADIUS, certificates etc.).//
10 1. {{id name="tcp_ip"/}}**Check the TCP / IP protocol properties**
11 The IP address of the computer will be allocated from a DHCP server, it is necessary to choose in the Windows TCP / IP protocol properties **Obtain IP address from the DHCP server automatically**. (% style="color:#ff0000" %)Static IP addresses are not permissible !(%%)** **
12 1*. [[Change TCP/IP settings, Obtain IP address from the DHCP server automatically>>doc:tuonet.sit-nastaveni.tcp-ip.WebHome]]
13 \\[[[[image:003en.png||alt="tcp"]]>>attach:003en.png]]
15 1. **Please verify that the involvement of network card is correct**
16 1*. {{id name="link"/}}network card LED must" flash", it means it has conncetion (link). If the other LED is blinking, there is communication between network card and an active element.
17 \\//(click on picture to enlarge it)//
18 [[[[image:nic_led1.png||alt="Signalizace spojení"]]>>attach:nic_led1.png]]
19 \\//(click on picture to enlarge it)//
20 [[[[image:nic_led2.png||alt="Signalizace spojení 2"]]>>attach:nic_led2.png]]
21 \\
22 1. {{id name="kabel"/}}**Check the network cable**
23 1*. for outlet connections and network cards, use a direct cable (UTP cat 5e)
24 1*. !!! try another direct cable, for example, from the roommate!!!
26 1. **Try connecting to another socket.**
28 1. **Other common problems are described in** [[FAQ - Computing at dormitory>>doc:faq.sit.WebHome]].