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1 **Connection in offices**
3 * Connecting guests (e.g. trainee) is performed similarly as for the employees. It is necessary to [[fill out the form on the web interface>>doc:tuonet.pripojeni-pevne.zamestnanci.WebHome]]. Please, fill the note field explicitly, that you are a visitor, period in which you want to ensure the connection and contact information about your supervisor (to verify your registration).
5 * If you are not sure how to proceed, please contact your [[faculty administrator>>url:]], that will help yout with registration.
8 **Connection to Wireless network**
10 * Users from academic institutions in the Czech Republic are able to connect to the wireless [[Eduroam>>doc:tuonet.wifi.eduroam.WebHome]] network. In this network users are verificated by authentication servers of their home organizations and network connections in foreign networks are also allowed.
13 **Conference users connection**
15 * It is possible to connect a large number of foreign users (e.g. conferences). In this case, please contact (at least 7 days before event) administrator of computer networks, see below. The network for free access is needed to prepare, these are not readily available in VSB locations.
18 **Connecting users from other institutions and connection in other ways, consult with:**
20 * VSB-TUO network administrator trough **entering the requirement into the queue **of requirements** Computer network and connection** in CIT HelpDesk [[web form>>url:]].
21 * Your [[faculty/department administrator>>url:]].
22 * IT Infrastructure Helpdesk on the phone **5666**.