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1 Antivirus program computer security, personal firewall and regular updates is necessar minimum today. In many cases is suitable further check for adware, spyware, phishing etc. including your own active computer protection with increased attention and prudent behavior of the user.
3 [[**Antivirus - antivirus protection**>>pc.bezpecnost.antivir.WebHome]]** **
5 * Antivirus - antivirus protection on University computers. Instalation of antivirus program on the computers owned by VSB-TUO.
7 [[**Windows update and Firewall**>>pc.bezpecnost.aktualizace.WebHome]]** **
9 * Updates are repairs of security, the newest files of help, drivers etc. which computer needs. Firewall prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to the computer via Internet or the network.
11 [[**Fraudulent messages PHISHING**>>pc.bezpecnost.phishing.WebHome]]** **
13 * These are fraudulent e-mail attacks with goal to elicit personal information like login information to accounts, card PIN etc. from user.
15 **[[I have infected computer, what should I do?>>pc.bezpecnost.zavir-pc.WebHome]]**
17 * What should you do when you have infected computer. Who to contact, what to use to clean the computer.
19 **[[Prevention - how to secure the computer>>pc.bezpecnost.prevence.WebHome]]**
21 * Prevent the intrusion of malicious software into your computer. What is necessary to follow, what is suitable for securing the computer. Or don't you mind leaks of passwords, account numbers, contacts etc.?