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1 You can get printscreen with error message easily by this instructions
3 1. You can capture window with error message as full screen by key button **Prt Scr** (it is mostly placed at upper right part next to keys Pause/Scroll lock and Num Lock/Cap Lock indicators) or as print of actual (active) window by combination keys **ALT + Prt Scr**.
5 1. After that open eg. **MS Paint**
6 \\**Windows**:
7 **Start → Programs → Accessories → MS Paint** or press **Winkey+R** **→** write into field **mspaint** and press **Enter**.
8 Press **Paste **to insert printscreen.
9 Press **Paint **and **Save as**.
10 Choose file type, the best types are **PNG**,** JPEG **and **GIF**.
11 **Attachment size for insertion is limited to 3 megabytes!**
12 (% style="color:#ff0000" %)(BMP format is not applicable due to large size!)(%%)
13 Enter name of file and press **Save**.
14 \\[[[[image:101.gif||style="vertical-align:top"]]>>attach:101.gif]]
16 1. Into the field** Attach file** by button **Search** append saved file with error message and after that enter ticket by button **Create ticket**.
17 \\[[[[image:01.gif||alt="013.gif" style="vertical-align:top"]]>>attach:01.gif]]
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