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1 * [[How can I read my emails?>>||anchor="preci"]]
2 * [[Email forwarding?>>||anchor="prepos"]]
3 * [[Email forwarding to mobile phone?>>||anchor="zasil"]]
4 * [[Sending emails over SMTP server VSB-TUO outside academic network?>>||anchor="smtp"]]
5 * [[Outlook Express 6 saying error 0x800c0133.>>||anchor="chyba"]]
6 * [[How to configure email client?>>||anchor="klient"]]
7 * [[Attachments, which are filtred by SMTP server?>>||anchor="filtr"]]
8 * [[How do I know that e-mail is not delivered?>>||anchor="doruc"]]
9 * [[Renamed the .docx file that was sent from Roundcube>>||anchor="docx"]]
10 * [[Maximal size of attachemnts?>>||anchor="pril"]]
11 * [[How many recipients can be in one e-mail?>>||anchor="prij"]]
12 * [[I have changed the name, but the e-mail address I still have the original>>||anchor="puvod"]]
13 * [[What is it phishing?>>||anchor="phis"]]
14 * [[How to set up an automatic reply in absentia?>>||anchor="autom"]]
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19 **How can I read my emails?**
20 You have two options. You can access your mail inbox by [[WWW interface Roundcube>>url:]] or you may use one of email clients. How to configure email client.
21 For login use your personal number and your [[unified password>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]].(SSO/LDAP).
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26 **Email forwarding?**
27 You can forward **copy** of email, original will be **always delivered into mailbox **on VSB-TUO. You can set email forwarding over web [[Personal settings>>url:]] → Configure email → Emails → My emails → Email copy. You can use Filters in [[Roundcube>>url:]] too.
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32 **Email forwarding to mobile phone?**
33 Yes. You can forward your mails to mobile phone over [[Personal settings>>url:]] → Configure email → Emails → My emails → Email phone.
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38 **Sending emails over SMTP server VSB-TUO outside academic network?**
39 Yes, if you use service SSMTP / ASMTP:
40 On the computers, which may be able to send emails outside of academic network must be set:
42 * Server: ****
43 * Port: **465**
44 * Připojení: **SSL**
45 * Login and password: [[LDAP password>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]]
46 Pro ověřování se používají algoritmy PLAIN nebo LOGIN.
48 Since the encrypted authenticated connections increasing demands on the server performance, do not set this configuration on all of your computers (including desktops), but only those on which you need to send email from extracurricular networks.
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53 **Outlook Express 6 saying error 0x800c0133.**
54 Probably there is a problem associated with mailbox size limits for POP3 / IMAP to **2 GB**, which occurs in Outlook Express program ~[[[KB903095>>url:]]] and Office Outlook 2007 version ~[[[KB830336>>url:]]]. An error can be prevented by regular sorting of mail to multiple mailboxes (a problem also applies to the Sent Items folders, even those you need to sort).
56 Follow this steps:
58 1. Do not close Outlook!
59 1. In the left column, right-click on **Local Folders** → **New folder** enter a name for the new folder, for example Temp.
60 1. If you still get to inbox move all messages from the Inbox to a new folder Temp.
61 1. In the Tools → Options → Maintenance tab → Store Folder. So you find out where it is stored on your hard drive file Inbox. Remember this location.
62 1. Quit Outlook Express, open the folder location and delete the inbox.dbx.
63 1. Rerun Outlook Express Inbox herself recreated. Now move the messages from the Temp folder back to the Inbox or even better in a few other ingredients to you in your Inbox does not accumulate too many messages. Create new folders described at the beginning of this manual.
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68 **How to configure email client?**
70 POP3:
72 * Incoming server:
73 * Port: 995
74 * Outgoing server:
75 * Port: 465
76 * Connection: SSL
77 * Login and password: //personal number (abc123), your unified password//
79 IMAP:
81 * Incoming server:
82 * Port: 993
83 * Outgoing server:
84 * Port: 465
85 * Connection: SSL
86 * Login and password: //personal number (abc123), your unified password//
88 You can find instructions with images in Czech language [[here>>]].
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94 **Attachments, which are filtred by SMTP server?**
96 Attachments, which have following filename extension are filtered by SMTP server and will not be delivered.
98 **exe,vbs,pif,scr,bat,cmd,com,cpl**
100 These filename extensions are filtered also in case they are send in archive file format (//***.zip, *.arj, *.rar**//) even if archive is protected by password.
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105 **How do I know that e-mail is not delivered?**
106 Because the vast majority of emails that contain disallowed attachments is a similar Malware and detrimental software and email sender is fictional, it is not possible for such detention mail informing the sender's e-mail. That's why we choose when about detention on the email is informed only recipient of this email. Therefore, if you had been detained email with a blocked attachment, you will receive a notification with the subject, which might look something like this:
107 ##Zakazana priloha (multipart/mixed | application/x-zip-compressed,.zip,
108 If you expect an email with such a attachment(in this case, to arrange with a sender other way to exchange files.
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113 **Renamed the .docx file that was sent from Roundcube**
114 This is incompatibility between different e-mail clients. Happens if you send mail with an attachment that the name of the attached file contains accents or file name is longer than 64 characters. In that case it may happen that the attached file renamed at ATIXXXX.dat where XXXX is numbers. If this occurs, rename the file, delete from the name of accents and name it so that the file name is shorter than 64 characters.
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119 **Maximal size of attachemnts?**
121 Size of email attachments can be max. **15 MB**. Bigger attachments will be filtered by SMTP server.
124 If the (% style="color:#ff0000" %)attachment is greater(%%) than or total size of all attachments is larger than the above requirement, save attachments to onedrive Office 365 and send the download link.
127 This procedure can also be used for mass e-mails, which can not have any attachments. In this case, use the "Invite people", but always use the second option, "Get Link". Also, do not use QR codes because mass e-mails are in text format.
129 Office 365 is available to every employee of VSB-TUO, it is not necessary to request access.
131 You can find instructions with images in Czech language:
133 * [[If you have Office 365 have never used before, start here.>>]]
134 * [[Save file.>>||anchor="lok-pc"]]
135 * [[Get a link.>>||anchor="sdileni"]]
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140 **How many recipients can be in one e-mail?**
141 SMTP server VSB-TUO receives e-mails that have a maximum of 70 recipients per e-mail.
142 If you are sending mail from Roundcube, then the maximum number of recipients per e-mail is 10th
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147 **I have changed the name, but the e-mail address I still have the original**
148 After reporting a name change (the new name) to the Personnel Department will automatically establish this new surname on the system and generate a new email address.
150 **1) For standard mail account (POP3 / IMAP):**
151 Make sure that you have already generated new email address and whether you have it correctly set as a main email to send and receive e-mail:
153 * Log on to the [[Personal settings>>url:]] → Configure email.
154 * Switch to → My emails.
155 * In the table E-mail aliases, go through the Edit button and select your new address as principal.
157 Who you can contact:
159 * .In case of problems, contact [[the administrator of your department / faculty,>>url:]] which you can help with change.
160 * Enter a request to the helpdesk system [[IDESK>>url:]].
162 **2) For mail in Microsoft Exchange:**
163 To change the name contact [[the administrator of the Microsoft Exchange>>]] or enter a request to the helpdesk system [[IDESK>>url:]].
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168 **What is it phishing?**
169 Phishing is a fraudulent technique used on the Internet to obtain sensitive data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) From the victims of the attack.
171 The principle is sending e-mails that claims to be as official request of the administrators of mail servers, banks, etc., And invite the recipient to enter his access data on linked page, or directly to send data back via e-mail.
173 By entering your credentials disclose the attackers, who are then able to abuse this access information to send spam or to steal money from the account (bank account).
175 More information:
177 * [[For more information on phishing, with examples of these fraudulent messages delivered at the Technical University of Ostrava.>>doc:pc.bezpecnost.phishing.WebHome]]
178 * For more information then please see eg. [[>>url:]].
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183 **How to set up an automatic reply in absentia?**
184 This manual is intended for users who use mail server ( If you are using an Exchange server, then please contact your Exchange administrator.
185 Follow the instructions: [[How to setup filter to automatic response - vacation.>>]]