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1 To be able to use wireless networks on VSB-TUO, you have to set up a wifi password.
3 * Log into **Change WiFi Password settings:** [[ → User account → Change WiFi Password>>url:]].
4 (For logging into settings use your university [[(LDAP) username and password>>doc:uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]].)
6 * Write your new password into **WiFi password** editbox.
7 Don't use the same password as for example for your email (don't use LDAP password).
8 The number of cover characters * doesn't match the actual number of characters of your password!
10 * Write the text from the [[captcha>>url:]] picture and click on **Save**.
12 * You can display current password through the **Show password** button.
13 \\[[[[image:wifi_heslo_english.png||alt="wifi-heslo-en.PNG"]]>>attach:wifi_heslo_english.png]]