Reasons for the regular password change, basic knowledge of passwords

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Password confirm that you sign and you really like for PIN payment cards, it should be him not to publish and comply with certain safety rules.

The poor security password, an attacker can use your account, for example, the following actions:

  • Attacker can read your mail.
  • It can send mail on your behalf (for professionals: using ASMTP can make a very convincing way, and administrators-mail).
  • Can your bank account make to send spam.
  • Visit the disputed Web addresses and publish documents in violation of the law.
  • Use a special network services, which are also popular for people who intentionally violate copyrights.
  • Make acts in school programs in which you have access.
  • Use network for political, religious or racial agitation.
  • A much more that you can find in the Rules use of computer networks VŠB - TU Ostrava. And also in the rules of individual faculties and departments.

For the security of passwords is not enough just to keep the password secret, but is also necessary to choose a sufficiently secure password. For example, it is not appropriate to have a password to choose to be your name or login. As for PIN card is not appropriate to write the password on paper with the login loginem, the address of the server and so on. Likewise, it should give attention to the visibility of passwords for the award of the keyboard from people in your surroundings. In addition, existing programs mechanically tested passwords (and combinations of words) and so is the need for a sufficiently long and complex password. Can not be excluded that someone has found your password, without needing to know and it is good preventive password from time to time to change.

What also choose?

The first password will be assigned automatically and you will be notified. During the first few log a password but this must change to the new. Then you can change your password at any time and at regular intervals (usually 1 year) and you'll need to set automatic according to the rules.

Passwords can:

  • Includes any characters (letters, numerals, slash at, periods, commas, with the grille ... diacritics letters are not recommended). Password is case sensitive.
  • Do not use the Czech characters, or the gap.
  • Do not once used the password.
  • Enter at least 6 characters (varies by faculty).

Passwords can not:

  • Being easily guessed from the information known about yourself, such as the login (personal) number, date of birth, telephone number, the name of your partner or children, popular message, etc. Also, you should not be used generally known sequences as qwety, 123456 or aaaa, etc. It should not be a word, and if so as not English.
  • Being so complex that you because of the complexity led to his record on paper.

The password

The password is related to the validity of the account. The account is valid from its inception until the end of student / employment or termination of his contract and then from the study / Personnel Administration taken into account and the account is blocked. During the entire period of validity of the account user can change the password itself, and it is at regular intervals (usually 1 year) required the mandatory change.

Before the expiry of the password the user is always aware of the need to mail changes and the deadline by which this can be done. In addition, after the deadline to change your password will be deducted from a fixed number of potential logging to change your passwords every connection to the e-mail or other authorized access. After the exhaustion of all the potential of using the old password to an account blocked, and you will need to reset your password card for personal identification number or contact your administrator faculty, department.

Change your password

Systems using a single password are listed there: Where is the password?  Change your password via the Web form How to change your password via the web.

If you change the password launched something on the screen carefully to see you. Perhaps you made one of the frequent errors:

  • You've typo in ancient writing, a new password or confirm the new password and try again.
  • Written you too short password (must be 6 characters).
  • They wrote you as your new password their previously had used a password.

If you forget your password, you can be compared to verify your staff / student cards have reset reset.

Several councils at the end

  • Before entering a password, you always check what you have configured keyboard. For example. change the position of characters "y" and "from" in qwerty keyboard or confusion in Czech with English keyboard is extended characters exchange for the numbers (ěščř be exchanged for 2345).
  • Check whether you have enabled press "Caps Lock" and for writing on the numeric keypad "Num Lock"
  • For more kontech use different passwords. Otherwise, the breaking of one attacker will have access to all.
  • New password you'll remember in frequent use, if you do not, if you change your password before departure on a long-term placement or leave.