Listing of commands - verify the connection to the University network

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In some cases it's suitable to send listings of these commands to technicians for better diagnosis:

  • ipconfig /all
  • arp -a
  • route print
  • netsh lan show profiles
  1. In Windows 10/8 press WinKey+R and enter command cmd.
    In Windows 7 open the Start Menu and type cmd in search box. Press Enter or click the mouse on the cmd searched.

  2. Type command ipconfig /all
     Click on icon in the left upper corner and choose Edit → Choose all
     Then click on the icon again and choose Edit → Copy

  3. Copied text enter (CTRL+V) to the notepad (Start → All programs  → Accessories  → Notepad) or application Word, OpenOffice and save the document.
  4. Type command arp -a and save the listing by same procedure as above..

  5. Type command route print and save the listing by same procedure as above.

  6. Type command netsh lan show profiles and save the listing by same procedure as above.
  7. You can send the saved listings via web interface similarly to the screenshots see in Annex - slide of the screen (printscreen) or Adding the additional information to request.
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