Setting TCP/IP, how to find MAC address

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Setting the TCP / IP protocol

Setting the TCP / IP protocol 

  • In addition to other settings for connection to the university computer network TUONET you must have network settings for TCP/Ipv4 Protocol (Internet Protocol version 4),Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6), Gain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Turning off the tunneling IPv6 function in Windows

  • Turning off the tunneling IPv6 function is recommended to do e.g. for correct working of e-mail Exchange on VSB-TUO, during problems with speed of loading websites via IPv6 tunnel connections, mapping network disks etc.

Microsoft network client

  • Enables your computer to use recources in Microsoft Network. It's necessary for ASPI and for some network printers.

IP address in Windows

IP address (IPv4/IPv6) in Windows

  • Find the IP address in the command prompt or in Control Panel.

MAC address in Windows and MAC OS X

MAC address 

  • Find the MAC address. MAC address is group of letters A - F and numbers 0 - 9.

Additional guidance for connecting to the network and Microsoft network client

How to recognize "wire" and wireless connection

  • Common mistake with notebooks is confusion of ethernet network adapter with wireless interface wifi.

Ping - Verify the connection to the University network

  • Verify the functionality of the connection to the University network using command ping.

Command listing - Verify the connection to the University network

  • Listing of commands ipconfig /all, arp -a, route print to check problems with the connection to the University network.

Network adapters in Device manager

  • View of network devices in Device manager, check whether the adapter is not disabled, detection of manual settings of MAC address, return changes of drivers.