Password reset

Last modified by Denisa Wernerová on 29.08.2017 12:45

If you forget your password or if your password is blocked, you can (against to verify your staff / student cards) reset your password to default value at the following locations:

After reset your password it is necessary to change the default value to a new password - here.  When you change your password, it will remain throughout the period of validity. In case of need please contact us via web form.

(Default password: When your acount is created, you have to go to study department of your faculty where you obtain a default unified/LDAP/IDM/academic password.)

Password may be reseted at this workplaces:


  • On card centre on the ground floor of Building A - A 148, A 149, Ostrava-Poruba.
  • In circulating department of the Central Library (building NK), Ostrava-Poruba.
  • In the Central Library branch on the FBI Ostrava-Výškovice, ul.Lumírova.
  • In the Central Library branch on EkF Ostrava 1, ul.Sokolská.
  • In the classroom PC Pavilion (PCP) on the campus of VSB-TUO Building D (on the ground floor behind lodge), Ostrava-Poruba.
  • The FAST - Laboratory of Computer Science, L. Podéště 1875, Ostrava-Poruba, A 206 / 2, Košnovská Hana
  • The HGF in the J - 430a room, Ostrava-Poruba. University administrators SW, Drahomira Kodymová.
  • On the Department of Language, Richard Harok, Room A 455.

On the remote workplaces:

  • In the workplace HGF in Most, Room M 610 Studies - Ing. Straková Alena.
  • In the workplace EkF:
    • Uherské Hradiště: Marie Lancouchová:, room OA 208, RVC 400.

Procedure when exhaustion of all valid attempts to change passwords - write us via web form

If account isn't blocked, you remember your password and so it was only expiration of the password expiration period (similarly when opening your account you have several valid attempts to change password and after their exhaustion you won't be allowed to log on), then you can contact in writing or by phone following workplace: 

Why personal presence is needed?

In password reset your personal presence is needed for check your identity. This is a way how to prevent your account against abuse or unauthorized access.  It is impossible to reset your password remotely and without a identity check.