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1 In Mac OS X is best to use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client. This client can connect to the VPN Concentrator using a web browser such as Safari.
3 **Installation Procedure:**
5 1. View this page in your browser:
6 **https:~/~/ **
7 \\Enter your personal identification number (eg nov20) in **JMENO** box and [[Unified password>>uzivatel.hesla.jednotne-heslo.WebHome]] in **HESLO** box.
8 In the **SKUPINA** box, type "vsb". For advanced users, there are [[other options>>tuonet.vpn.vpn-skupiny.WebHome]].
9 \\[[[[image:login.png]]>>attach:login.png||rel="__blank"]]
11 1. Check the checkbox **Allow all applets from ..** and confirm the access using button **Allow**. You may also be asked to allow some changes by entering your username and password. VPN connection is then established. The browser window can be closed. Also AnyConnect VPN Client window can be closed.
12 \\[[[[image:006.gif]]>>attach:006.gif||rel="__blank"]]
14 1. After work, you must close the VPN connection by double-clicking the icon with ico pulley [[image:ico.bmp]] , which is usually in the top of the screen, click **Disconnect**.
15 \\[[[[image:007.gif]]>>attach:007.gif||rel="__blank"]]
16 \\When you first start the AnyConnect VPN client from a browser, client remains installed on your computer for future use. Its next start is possible not only by the previously described procedure from the browser, but also from the **GO**// → //**Applications**// → //**Cisco**// → //**Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client**. Direct launch option requires a confirmation, enter the address of the VPN Concentrator (see point 2, enter without https: ~/~/, just, enter the group username and password (see point 2).
17 \\[[[[image:008.gif]]>>attach:008.gif||rel="__blank"]]
18 \\[[[[image:009.gif]]>>attach:009.gif||rel="__blank"]]
19 \\[[[[image:010.gif]]>>attach:010.gif||rel="__blank"]]