Help with connecting to the network EDUROAM

Last modified by Denisa Wernerová on 29.08.2017 12:45

What password is for Eduroam?
Enter Username in the form name@domain where "name" is your school login (for example abc123) and "domain" is

As a result:
It is necessary to enter the Password for eduroam according to Setting up WiFi password. After entering the password safe the changes.

Which organizations offer connection to eduroam network?
List of connected organizations in Czech Republic can be found here. List of European institutions is here.

Do I need a user certificate VSB for connecting to eduroam network?
No, you don't need personal certificate from VSB-TU Ostrava or Root certificate current CA VSB-TUO.

Which devides are supported for connection to the eduroam network?
List of devices that have been verified can be found here.