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Users of VŠB-TU Ostrava can use Google Apps for Education.

Google offers its services to our university. Identities and groups operated in the university IDM can be used.

The username has the form for employees and for students The part before the at sign is the same as the university email address.

The following services are currently available:

  • Disk
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Business Groups
  • Talk / Hangouts
  • Website

Use of the service

Employees have an account created automatically. Students are included in Google Apps at their own request via HelpDesk.

If interested, we can convert part or all of the group from IDM.

If you end your relationship with the university, your Google Apps account will be suspended.

Sign in to Google Apps

The login name is in the form of your e-mail address, where you replace with (examples: | etc.)

You can check the form of your G Suite email in the summary of your LDAP account under the "Google e-mail to login to Google Apps" field at page

There you can also find the initial password for the first login under the "Password to first login to Google Apps" field.

The first time you log in, you are forced to change your password.

For security reasons, passwords for Google Apps accounts are different from passwords in IDM.

Once your account is created, you can sign in using the Google login form.

Reset password

There is no automated tool to reset your password and you must ask through the helpdesk interface in the Groupware queue.

The role of CIT

Primarily, CIT provides management of the environment (users and services).

All services and instructions are provided by Google.

Make service requests through the interface in the Groupware queue.

Possible use

When using the Google Apps services, keep in mind that the data is not actually stored on the university's technical resources. Google stores user data in its data centers located around the world. Do not store sensitive data here and especially not personal information!

While Google Apps is intended for internal use, there is an option to use external accounts. You can share your work calendar from the domain to a private Google account. The same rule can be used when sharing a project document from VŠB-TUO to the account of a colleague from another institution involved in Google Apps.

Google lets you easily switch between different accounts in your browser.

Sharing your calendar with a private account

If you want to use your personal account primarily, you can simply add a calendar from your work account as another calendar. However, you will not have scheduling features that need access rights to your colleagues' calendars. You will need to switch to a work account for these activities.

You can only link to a calendar. For services like Google Drive, colleagues need to share everything directly to a personal account, or access through a Google Apps account.

About Google Apps:

Google Calendar FAQ:

Help Center:

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