Last modified by Denisa Wernerová on 03.08.2023 12:57

The network designed for terminal equipment, which do not support any authentication and encryption mechanisms, or. are technical problems with them.

For which is the network intended:

  • Network tuonet-simple may use students and staff VSB-TUO. The network is designed for devices (eg PDA, MDA), which do not support any authentication mechanisms or are problems with them.

Why is not safe to use a network tuonet-simple:

  • Tuonet-simple is wireless network. Radio signal, which circulates freely access points spread area and it is possible to capture at any access point within range. Unlike "wired" network can practically anyone with a laptop and special software monitor traffic on the network.
  • Log in to the network, then send your username and password to the network elements and verify access is ongoing over network via HTTP + SSL thus "encrypted" version of the HTTP protocol, HTTPS protocol. The authentication to the network is protected against intercepted.
  • Please note, that you should check server's certificate before submitting your credentials. In any event, to access the "tuonet-simple" network you should choose a password, which is NOT USED FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE.
  • Other traffic in the network (log into ICQ, chat, send and receive e-mail) IS NOT ENCRYPTED in any way of the transaction. It means that can be tapped and misused by third parties. This practically means that the user with a laptop and special software in the adjacent room can read your e-mail, which you just sending, your communication through ICQ, which you just writing etc. 


  1. Open Network Connections window and select tuonet-simple from Available Networks.
  2. After a successful association to the network start the web browser with JavaScript. When you enter any web site you are automatically redirected to a page with authentication form.
  3. After successful login, you will be redirected to the web page specified before. From this moment all network (Internet) connectivity is available.