Help with connecting your computer to a WIFI network schools

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How do I know which wireless adapter or device is suitable for connection to a WiFi network VSB-TUO
If you decide to buy a WiFi card or another device you want to connect to a wireless network Technical University of Ostrava is advisable (not necessary ), that the equipment supported CISCO COMPATIBLE EXTENSIONS (CCX).
For wireless adapter that supports CCX (the most recent, highest version) and is marked with the logo "Cisco Compatible" is guaranteed compatibility with the latest standards and innovations for a wireless network built on Cisco infrastructure equipment. A list of such certified devices including CCX version can be found at, in section "Cisco Compatible Extensions Client Devices", na stejné stránce naleznete i odkaz na seznam vlastností - "Versions and Features", that they are supported in different versions UCCX (WPA, PEAP, LEAP, WMM QoS, RF Management, Location ...). If the device can not find on these pages, it does not mean that it does not support CCX, and you can find this information on the website of the manufacturer of the device.

I use a PDA or WiFi IP phones, works in the  wireless network roaming in Technical University of Ostrava?

Wireless TUONET fully supports roaming clients. In practice it means that you can talk over IP phone while walking the campus without interrupting the call. The condition is obviously sufficient signal coverage WiFi networks. The fact that the wireless network Technical University of Ostrava supports roaming customers is a necessary condition, but not enough !! It is good to remember that the function itself is mainly a matters of roaming terminal device (this must be constantly "monitor" available access points and the "appropriate" time to perform association with new. Infrastructure will ensure the background of the transmission authentication information, maintaining the IP address, open connections, etc. ).

My connection stopped working. What should I do?
There are serveral reasons why connection can stop working:

Check your school e-mail you propably have a message there about blocking reasons. Most often reasons are:

  • Violation of usage rules for network VSB-TUO, notification from external organizations about violation of the copyright Act (you have propably shared works under copyright law) your connection is blocked and email asking for an explanation has been sent to your school mailbox.
  • Your computer did some suspicious behavior (virus attack and attack into the network).

Is it possible to use wireless part of TUONET to connect from areas outside University?
No, only university campuses are covered.

Why is not safe to use tuonet-simple network?
Network tuonet-simple is a wireless network. Radio signal which spreads access points freely spreads through space and it is possible to catch it anywhere in reach of access point. Unlike "wire" network it can be monitored practically by anyone with notebook and special program equipment.
Log into the network, thus sending your name and password by the network to the point which will verify access permissions to the network is made through protocol HTTP+SSL  thus by "encrypted" version of protocol HTTP, protocol HTTPS. Authentization to the network itself is before interception (between your device and point which verifies access permissions to the network) protected. In any case, you should choose for access to the "tuonet-simple" network such a password that YOU DON´T USE FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE. Every other communication in the network (logging into ICQ, chat, sending and receiving emails) is NOT ENCRYPTED  this means it can be monitored and abused by third person. In practice it means that user with notebook and special program equipment in the next room can read your mail you are sending right now, your communication through ICQ you are writting at the moment etc.

After installation connection still doesn´t work
If you were connectiong wireless device to the netwrok eduroam according to instructions at and connection is still not working please update driver of the wireless device and then again check "wireless network configuration" according to used instructions:

In case it doesn´t work either please contact your faculty/department administrator, who can help you with the configuration.

If nothing helpes try to connect to the wireless network TUONET-SIMPLE.
This wireless network is not safe and using it is appropriate as temporary until you solve problem with connection.

Network manager from manufacturer of the adapter is blocking my connection
In some cases running network managers (installed with network card drivers from the manufacturer) are blocking correct connection into the university WIFI network.

  • Set in the options of the network manager that it will not turn on during computer start, shut it down and restart computer so the change can be shown.
  • After restart connection into WIFI network should be set up and working.

Network manager took the functions from Control panels
Some network functions are unavailable from Control panels and it is the same on other computers without this manager.

Network managers installed with drivers from the manufacturer od the network card often take daisplay and control of this network interface and so display/control is limited/hidden from Control panels.

  • If you do not want to use this network manager, set in the options of the network manager that it will not turn on during computer start, shut it down and restart computer so the change can be shown.
  • If you want to use it, set the parameters through this manager.

I don´t connect to the set network
When browsing network connection is important configured order of network (preferred network) in settings in Control panels or in network manager installed with drivers of the network card. Set chosen network as "preferred" and then set "connect to the network if it is available".