How to solve problems with connecting your computer to the network at VSB-TUO dormitory

Last modified by Denisa Wernerová on 07.06.2024 10:50

  1. Check your Ethernet adapter settings according to instructions.
  2. Verify the accuracy of entering credentials:
    • Username: (eg.
    • Password: wifi password. You can check it on page > Change WiFi Password.

      Users of other universities or institutions:
      As with WiFi - if eduroam works at your home institution, it works for you at VSB. 
      Set wired network profile as like eduroam in your home institution (user, password, RADIUS, certificates etc.).
  3. Check the TCP / IP protocol properties
    The IP address of the computer will be allocated from a DHCP server, it is necessary to choose in the Windows TCP / IP protocol properties Obtain IP address from the DHCP server automatically. Static IP addresses are not permissible !   
  4. Please verify that the involvement of network card is correct
    • network card LED must" flash", it means it has conncetion (link). If the other LED is blinking, there is communication between network card and an active element.

      (click on picture to enlarge it)
      Signalizace spojení

      (click on picture to enlarge it)
      Signalizace spojení 2

  5. Check the network cable
    • for outlet connections and network cards, use a direct cable (UTP cat 5e)
    • !!! try another direct cable, for example, from the roommate!!!
  6. Try connecting to another socket.
  7. Other common problems are described in FAQ - Computing at dormitory.