Problems connecting to a computer network at dormitories

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My internet connection on dormitory doesn't work
Please check following points where can be your problem:

  1. Did you set a network profile according to the instructions?
  2. Do you have configured "Obtain IP address from DHCP server automatically" and "Obtain address from DNS server automatically" in TCP/IP protocol setup?
  3. Is the LED of your network card lightning? (does it have link)?
  4. Problem is often caused by defective cable/connector thats why you should try to connect with different (checked with someone) cable.
  5. Check if your computer wasn't blocked in VŠB-TUO network
    • Check if your personal number is not blocked . (E-mail about blocking have been sent to your school account.)
    • Do you have viruses on your computer thatspread the infection into the network? (E-mail about blocking have been sent to your school account.)
    • You can be blocked for violation for example copyright Act? (E-mail about blocking have been sent to your school account.)
  6. In the manual How to solve problems with connecting your computer to the network at VŠB-TU Ostrava dormitory you can find problem solving for connection to the network on dormitory.
    More here Connecting to the TUONET network in the student dormitories A,B,C,D,E

Allowed ports from the Internet
We allow temporary access in case that it is IMMEDIATELY required by thesis (or similar work) which cannot be resolved differently (for example  VPN, work in school etc.). So from Internet network we don´t allow ports on demand by default.

Wifi router
Connection of wifi router to the dormitory socket is not allowed. You can buy USB ethernet adapter for your notebook which will allow you to connect to the "wire" dormitory network and will expand notebook configuration of the Ethernet interface.

Blocked connections and update the operating system is offline
For a computer without internet access it is possible using the Offline-Update on another computer connection to download Windows updates and then these install on computer without connecting

What if I am not a student of the VŠB-TUO, but I want to connect to the Internet
You can connect with your eduroam identity even if you are not a student or employee of VSB.

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