Blocked access to the network TUONET - suspected to illegal sharing

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What shoud I do to not break copyright law?
You must not provide audiovisual works without having copyright or if licence permit sharing.
You must not provide program products or obtain program products.
Remember that many of peer-to-peer clients does not only download data, they also offers what you downloaded even if you have downloaded only a part of this data. In this situation you may be breaking copyright law.
We strongly reccomend using peer-to-peer sites only for exchanging data you have copyright or licence do no permit sharing.
Please also remember that, Police ČR is very active in this area. Our university recieves requests to provide details about users who may be breaking copyright law.
More about licence permit sharing and security incidents stations network VSB-TU Ostrava, you can find here.

How much data can I transfer
There are no limitations about how much data can you transfer. But if user upload big amount of data and at the same time is using one of peer-to-peer networks, then we send him an email where we request explanation.

2015-07-2010 GB19 GB
2015-07-19313 MB3 GB
2015-07-18469 MB19 GB
2015-07-171 GB2 GB
2015-07-153 GB10 GB
2015-07-145 GB6 GB

I let my friend sleep over in my room
Registration is on your name and so you are responsible for any copyright law violation.

Downloading via Bittorrent
Using a bittorrent protocol, so when downloading data to which you do not have copyrights, you share it too and so you can committing violations of copyright law and the rules of use of the computer network of the university.
Bittorrent clients are sharing date during donwload. This network is based on sharing so there is no way in principle how to disable upload.

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