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1 * [[Installed ASPI does not start>>||anchor="aspi"]]
2 * [[I can not download the program Statgraphics>>||anchor="stat"]]
3 * [[I need to implement video streaming>>||anchor="video"]]
4 * [[How to make available to colleagues a great document?>>||anchor="doc"]]
5 * [[Connecting visitors Conferences>>||anchor="konf"]]
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10 **Installed ASPI does not start**
11 Appears on a black screen referred to in [[this manual>>doc:pc.aspi-instal.WebHome]], but after a minute disappears and nothing happens.
13 **Answer:**
15 1. In the event that the installation was successful, but the program does not start, follow [[this manual>>doc:tuonet.sit-nastaveni.kl-site-m.WebHome]].
16 For your network connection and check if your computer has the option enabled Client for Microsoft Networks. This setting is necessary to run the system ASPI.
17 1. When starting wait, the program should already work, but sometimes starts long.
18 In some cases it causes an unusually long startup NOVELL client installed. It also can also make it difficult to open directories eg. In Word. So if you do not use network services NOVELL we recommend (% style="color:#cc0000" %)uninstalling Novell Client(%%).
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23 **I can not download the program Statgraphics**
24 Under Personal Computer / Software / Multilicence not possible to download the program Statgraphics ver. 5. After entering the login name and password, the program will not download but occurs again and again call for their re-entry.
26 **Answer:**
27 Downloading the program is according license restricted to university employees. If you are a student (PhD student) try to website[[>>url:]] and download a 30-day trial version.
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32 **I need to implement video streaming**
34 Multimedia and videoconferencing services provided [[Audiovisual Center>>url:]].
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39 **How to make available to colleagues a great document?**
41 For accessing large documents that do not pass by post or not any other way to deliver them:
43 * Use a web service for the transmission of (temporary storage) file [[FileSender>>url:]].
44 * Contact [[the administrator of your faculty>>url:]] (department) for exposure to documents in the repository of documents on the web school / faculty.
45 * The exhibition is in the repositories available to your personal account at the university as directed [[here>>doc:servery.homel.WebHome]].
46 * then create a URL which you send eg. email. The addressees so just click on the link to download the documents on a computer.
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51 **Connecting visitors Conferences**
52 Prepare for connection to the user at the conference must be well in advance contact the network administrator see [[Connecting guests and visitors to the VSB-TUO network>>doc:tuonet.pripojeni-pevne.hoste.WebHome]].